Wednesday, 2 May 2001


WICKED leson 2day! we lernt how 2 make GREEN! DE actual couler of GREEN! no mess. i cant even explain wat happend yo cos wat it wos wos we got 2 culoz & mixed dem up & ther woz paint EVRYWHRE! all differnt culers 2 and then it came out GREEN! mental! I hav got green in my hair so it luks like i hav green hair ded cool. magic is da best yo!

Monday, 30 April 2001


noooooooooooooo lol dont wanna go back lol i never done my easter homework til i waz on the train i bet i still do better than harry tho lol for sum1 with glasses he is well thick

Sunday, 15 April 2001


Had wickedd easter lol i cast a chocco speel on a reel chickin and ate a egg right off his bum lol i even eat a hot x bun w a easter egg in side it it was wicked nexttime i will put in a xmas biscuit or a bit of pudding as well to tell my mouth the whole story of jesus lol

Monday, 9 April 2001

we R guna win BIG - B.I.G. BIG!

Kwiditch 2moz! Grifindor V huffelhomo & we R in in 2 win it yo! we woz lukin in2 the future in class 2day an I woz tryin 2 C who woz guna win coz fred & ron r takin betz on the big game & u can win a big load of choclate frogz but lukin 2 the future for gamblin in class aint allowed miss sed. It was well wrth havin a luk anyway coz I saw harry fall off his broomstik in the kwiditch game & break hiz glasses! GRIFINDOR 4 THE WIN! HUFELHOMO IN DA BIN! GRIFINDOR 4 DA WIN! HUFELHOMO IN DA BIN! Dat is my RAP choon 4 2moz.

Saturday, 31 March 2001


yestrdy was the BEST yo. da d.o.g barkn an woofin all ovA the place! while we wer in class! It was DA BEST EVA! I made harry spit out his drink coz listen 2 this now - DOGWARTS! Insted of HOGwarts! Thats wat I am calling it from now on yo. WOOF!

Friday, 30 March 2001


OMG OMG OMG wicked WICKED day in school today it wz AMAZIN SRSLY BEST EVER DAY OMG in dubbl charms just mindin my own and lookn owt the window an I 4t i seen sumthing movin an i look again and then I seen a DOG an i was like wait a minit OMG OMG DOG IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO EXCITIN dont even no how e got in he was wicked like a little terriar with patches and no one evn seen it yet i looked around an evry1 just writin in ther books an I sed OMG LOOK OUTSIDE A DOG A DOG OUTSIDE A DOG IN SCHOOL!!!!! an evry1 rush ova an try to see it themselvs lol stumpy flitwick nearly got run ova it was MENTAL a litle dog just sniffin around and walkin really fast but not runnin like tryin 2 look like he was allowed in but i BET he new he was never alowed in LOL u cud tell
in the end haggriss come an chased im away and we was all like ARRRRRRRRRRRRR NO BOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOO an flitwick sed we ad to go back an do charms but it took ages for evry1 2 settle down an then it was nearly time an the bell rang an the lesson was ova
still really exited M8 it was WICKED WICKED WICKED
when we came out evry1 askin where the dog went an wat hagris dun wiv im i sed i bet he ate im lol hermione nearly ad a little cry SO SO WICKED SERIOUSLY

Tuesday, 27 March 2001


I drank a load of butterbeer then don a massive burp on harrys owl it was WICKED lol it statred flappin its wings like THAT STINKS U R DISGUSTIN an i was like yeeeeeeh owl thats wat u get for bein a owl LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Monday, 26 March 2001

J-BEEZ is the BEST!

2day I made a JON BEAZLEY comix were he fights a big beast 2 the death & dont get a scratch on him yo. Then he laffs it off as well coz he has a million galleons 2 spend on butterbeer & chocolate frogs & a wicked new cloak that he saw down diagon alley the ovver day, an probly a nimbus 2000 broom as well... an he is a champion quidditch player in it 2. it is THE BEST yo! Heres Harry got 2 go...

Saturday, 24 March 2001


Mad wicked day yo. Gave hermyoknee a evry flava been which was a sick flava one & she spewed up over her cat. I wud tap her ass man even tho she is teachers pet number ONE. THEN I got a letter dropped off by a big OWL an I was like - MATE NO WAY! AN OWL delivering A LETTER! I thought my big brosefs were lyin about dat one. But when I showed the letter to Harry he started up wiv the tears again cos it was off my mum & he aint got a mum & he cried SO MUCH his glasses fell off. He can be SUCH A GIRL! hE HAS GOT A COOL scar though. LIGHTNIN! cool.

Friday, 23 March 2001


Scabbers been chewin my sheets up i woke up this mornin like MATE NO WAY wiv a big hole in my sheet it was BUM I was well angry then i seen scabbers goin round in harrys cubbard lookin 4 crisps 2 eat and i remembered hes the BEST so never mind on my chewed sheets SCABBERS NUMBER 1 4LYFE BEST RAT EVER

Tuesday, 20 March 2001


2day professa Mac made me and harry stay after class cos we was gigglin so bad at the Erecto spell an nen LOL we ROFLLLL an totally lost it at the Engorgio spell afta that so now we gots to go an clean up afta this big old stinky beast yo. We gonna be hangin out wiv sum big ole gigantic called haggis. ERECTO! LOL! BOOM!

Monday, 19 March 2001


Tday Harry saw a first ghost and he shit his pants i was like lollllllllllllllllllll whatever harry you big girl stop crying like a girl harry lol

Wednesday, 17 January 2001


today me an harry got in truble for castin fart spelz on the girls in clas it waz WICKED ha ha they wuz bustin mad fartz playa lollllllllllll snape caught us on they way out an he made us do lunchtime detention but it was WEL worth it LOL harry looked like he was gonna cry though what a little poncy girl lolllll he is a alright sidekick but sometimes he is wel like a little girl and wants to have a little cry i will let him stil hang out with me and see if he gets any cooler

Thursday, 11 January 2001


Im makin a wicked comic about JON BEAZLEY hes a rapper and a skill wizard and a millionaire but by night hes also batman its goin 2 b well skillz an hez got a little 4-eyez sidekick who wabnts 2 b him so much he evn died his hair red lol

Tuesday, 31 October 2000


HAlloween dance tonite!!!!!!!! BRAP BRAP! REPRAZENT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 29 October 2000


gna b wel sik

Tuesday, 17 October 2000


i seen this picture goyle shown me in is cristal bal of a monkey bitin a lady it waz well wikid i waz laffin so ard lol wikid it jumped up an jus statred wailing on her face like she was a banana lol BAD MONKEY!!

Monday, 11 September 2000

1st day :D

Started new school todaty it wasok bt theres this kid caled harry poter who wont stop folowin me hes all liwk OH RON U R AMAZIN UR THE BEST i will let him hang with me an see if my street smarts rub off on him so he can stop bein a little bitch an folowin me evrywer like a litl bitch loll