Friday, 30 March 2001


OMG OMG OMG wicked WICKED day in school today it wz AMAZIN SRSLY BEST EVER DAY OMG in dubbl charms just mindin my own and lookn owt the window an I 4t i seen sumthing movin an i look again and then I seen a DOG an i was like wait a minit OMG OMG DOG IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO EXCITIN dont even no how e got in he was wicked like a little terriar with patches and no one evn seen it yet i looked around an evry1 just writin in ther books an I sed OMG LOOK OUTSIDE A DOG A DOG OUTSIDE A DOG IN SCHOOL!!!!! an evry1 rush ova an try to see it themselvs lol stumpy flitwick nearly got run ova it was MENTAL a litle dog just sniffin around and walkin really fast but not runnin like tryin 2 look like he was allowed in but i BET he new he was never alowed in LOL u cud tell
in the end haggriss come an chased im away and we was all like ARRRRRRRRRRRRR NO BOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOO an flitwick sed we ad to go back an do charms but it took ages for evry1 2 settle down an then it was nearly time an the bell rang an the lesson was ova
still really exited M8 it was WICKED WICKED WICKED
when we came out evry1 askin where the dog went an wat hagris dun wiv im i sed i bet he ate im lol hermione nearly ad a little cry SO SO WICKED SERIOUSLY

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