Monday, 9 April 2001

we R guna win BIG - B.I.G. BIG!

Kwiditch 2moz! Grifindor V huffelhomo & we R in in 2 win it yo! we woz lukin in2 the future in class 2day an I woz tryin 2 C who woz guna win coz fred & ron r takin betz on the big game & u can win a big load of choclate frogz but lukin 2 the future for gamblin in class aint allowed miss sed. It was well wrth havin a luk anyway coz I saw harry fall off his broomstik in the kwiditch game & break hiz glasses! GRIFINDOR 4 THE WIN! HUFELHOMO IN DA BIN! GRIFINDOR 4 DA WIN! HUFELHOMO IN DA BIN! Dat is my RAP choon 4 2moz.

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